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From Underwater Exploration to Butterfly, The Club's innovative swim programs groom kids to swim like fish from three months of age on up. Lessons are offered in a group setting or individual basis and provide kids with confidence, skill, and precision in the water. Below find class descriptions for either The Club Aquatic Academy or the new Michael Phelps Swim School.

Michael Phelps Swim School

  • Get Wet - 6 mos - 3 yrs

    A parent and child class for children for children three years of age and younger (exceptions made for older children). Ratio 8:1

  • Pre-Beginner (PB1) - 3-5 yrs, PB2 6+ yrs

    Our first class without parent involvement. Children will learn to become comfortable in and under the water. Ratio 4:1

  • Beginner (B1) - 3 - 5 yrs, B2 6+ yrs

    For children who are comfortable in the water, able to completely submerge, and can float on their on front and back. Ratio 4:1

  • Advanced Beginner (AB1) 4-6 yrs AB2 7+ yrs

    Freestyle (crawl stroke) skills are honed and other competitive strokes will be introduced and taught. Ratio 5:1

  • Intermediate - 6 yrs and up

    Intermediate swimmers can swim for a distance unaided. Additionally, these swimmers demonstrate comfortable rotary breathing with freestyle, a competent backstroke, and a feel for the water. Ratio 5:1

  • Stroke Clinic 1: Graduates of Intermediate

    Swimmer must have competent freestyle & backstroke 50 yards per minute. Stroke technique, development & refinement is highlighted. Ratio 8:1

  • Stroke Clinic 2: Graduates of Clinic 1

    Swimmer must have a competent free & back strokes for 100 yards per minute and breast & backstrokes for 50 yards per minute. Stroke technique, development & refinement with emphasis on starts, turns and finishes highlighted. Ratio 8:1

The Club Aquatic Academy

  • Toddler 2 (T2): 18 mos - 36 mos

    20 minute lesson, Beginner level swim class for toddlers, with out a parent participation. Ratio 2:1

  • Toddler 3 (T3): Graduates of T2 - 2.5 - 4 yrs

    30 minute lesson, graduates of T2 or advanced toddlers, must be able to swim to the instructor and back to the wall without assistance. Comfortable with face in water. Ratio 3:1

  • Coach J Swim Training 1 - 8 yrs and under

    Must be able to swim 25 yards correctly of free & back, be familiar with breast and butterfly strokes. 60 min lesson, twice a week. Ratio 12:1

  • Coach J Swim Training 2 - 9 yrs and up

    Must be able to swim 100 yards free and back, 50 yards of breast and butterfly strokes. 60 minute lesson, twice a week. Ratio 12:1

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